Alibag - Places To See

| July 8, 2012
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Kulaba Fort: The sea fort was built to counter the Siddis of Murud-Janjira, allies of the Mughals and the British based at Bombay. It was the seat of Maratha admiral Kanhoji Angre. The fort has witnessed several battles between Angre, Siddis, British and the Portugese.

The fort is located 2 km inside the sea. During low tide one can walk to the fort and during high tide, speedboats need to be hired. The fort has temples dedicated to Mahishasura, Padmavathi along with the fort deity. A token entry fee is charged by Archaeological Survey of India for entry into the fort.

Alibag beach: The beach despite its black coloured sand is very inviting. Another feature of the beach is that it is flat to a considerable distance which allows travelers to race, play games or even enjoy joyrides on horsecarts. The wide promenade allows you to sit and enjoy the sea. It also has stalls selling bhutta (corn) and other snacks.

Varsoli Beach: Located about a mile from Alibag, it is a quiet beach with sparkling white sand and clean water.

Thal, Akshi, Nagaon, Awas, Saswane, Rewas, Kihim-Navgaon are some of the beaches situated near Alibag.

Korlai Beach: Quiet serene beach adjacent to Korlai village. The fort at Korlai was built by the Portuguese in 1521. Also famous for its residents who speak Korlai, a creole language.

Khanderi Fort: Built in 1678, it is situated on an island. Fort is under Mumbai Port Trust and requires permission of the port authorities.

Undheri: Island fort built in 1680, the fort changed hands from the Siddis, Peshwas, Angres and the British. Fishing boats will have to be hired to visit the fort.