A beach town located in Raigad district of Maharashtra, Diveagar is famous for its clean beach and temple dedicated to Suvarna Ganesha (Golden Ganesh Temple).

Located around 170 km from Mumbai, Diveagar is a beautiful weekend destination. The beach in Divegar is clean and stretches for six km. The prime attraction of the town, it is the best place for a laidback holiday.

According to historical records, the Shilahara dynasty ruled the area for around 450 years between 800 and 1265 AD. Due to its proximity to the sea, trade and business flourished in Diveagar. The town also endured the wrath of Arab pirates who looted the village and destroyed many temples.

On a visit to Diveagar, you can visit the temples located around Diveagar. The temples, including the one dedicated to Lord Ganesh, are frequently visited during the festive season by pilgrims from across Maharashtra.

The idol of Lord Ganesh was discovered in 1997, while a local called Draupadi Dharma Patil was digging her farm. A copper box which contained the Ganesha idol was discovered. The idol is believed to have a mask of pure gold and weighs over 12 kg. Draupadi built the temple to Suvarna Ganesh. Photos are not allowed to be taken in the taken.

Tourists often club their visit to Diveagar with Shriwardhan and Harihareshwar.

Where to stay

Accommodation options are limited in Diveagar. A few deluxe and budget hotels are available.

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Where to eat

Eating at restaurant attached to hotels are the best option. Don’t forget to inform your hotel about the food requirements.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Diveagar is between October and January.

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