Kanha National Park is a national park and a Tiger Reserve in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura and Maikal mountain peaks nestle this magnificent National Park.

It offers ideal surroundings to the large spectra of the animal kingdom. Kanha is a land of abundant flora and fauna and boasts of a vibrant natural vista. One of the main attractions of this park is the endangered species of the Swamp Deer. Visitors would be enthralled by wild life experiences that the jungle safari offers in Kanha park. It is an altogether different and exciting experience to watch the wild animals in their natural habitat.


The park is closed from July to September as the routes become slippery.


The Kanha National Park got declared as a sanctuary in the year 1933. By a special statute in 1955, the park came into being. Since then, a series of stringent conservation programmes for the protection of the park's flora and fauna has given Kanha its deserved reputation for being one of the finest and best administered National Parks in Asia. This highly reputed park acquired the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1974. It used to be a famous hunting spot of erstwhile rulers and viceroys. It became famous after the release of ‘Jungle Book’ by the eminent writer Rudyard Kipling. 

Fun facts

  • Evening safaris are generally cheaper than morning safaris.
  • The lodge on the safari path accommodates a library with a wide collection of books on wildlife, videos and magazines as well.
  • The nature trails, bird watching, walks in the village and tribal dances at nights would be worth a watch in Kanha.

Where to stay

Unlike other national parks, accommodation is relatively expensive in Kanha. Most luxury cottages located around the Kanha national park cost Rs 5,000 – Rs 15,000 a day. Comfortable rooms would cost Rs 2,500 and more.

Many hotels offer bird watching, trekking, jeep safari, bon fire and tribal dance for tourists. Apart from that, regular services like doctors on call, car rental and laundry service are available at all hotels. Foreign exchange counters are also available for foreign tourists. Hotels usually have approved guides to take tourists for jungle walks.

The cities near the national park, Mandla, Nainpur and Seoni, offer most of the modern facilities like internet and sports clubs.

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Where to eat

The Baghira Log Huts: Located in the dense jungle, this restaurant at Kisli provides visitors a chance to enjoy nature from a close quarter.

Best time to visit

October to June is the ideal time for visiting Kanha Wildlife Park. December to February is specially suggested for spotting the Barasingha in the wilderness.

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