Konark - Places To See

| July 26, 2012
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Konark Beach: Pristine beach with golden sand, it is very popular with tourists. Konark Beach is also the venue for annual Magha Saptami Mela. Devotees take a bath in the sea and worship the sun. It is regarded as one of the best beaches in eastern India.

Sun Temple: The 13th century temple is dedicated to Lord Surya and displays some of the best examples of ancient Oriyan architecture. It is a world heritage site and also called the 'Black Pagoda' owing to its black colour. The construction of the temple is in the shape of a chariot driven by seven horses. It is believed that the wheels of the chariot represent hours of the day and the shadow of the majestic wheels tell the exact time.

ASI museum: Situated just outside the Sun Temple, it showcases some delicate models of ancient Oriyan architecture. The museum has four galleries which exhibit antiques recovered from the Sun temple. The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm and remains closed on Friday. Visitors are charged a nominal entry fee.