Ranipuram is a beautiful hill station which lies in Kasargod district in the northern part of Kerala. At 750 meters above sea level, Ranipuram is the highest point in the district.

Relatively unexplored, the eco-tourism district is a treat for bird watchers and trekkers. Grasslands, evergreen forests and a unique type of vegetation called ‘Shola’ make Ranipuram a visual treat.

Ranipuram was known as Madathumala until 1970, when it was purchased by the Catholic diocese of Kottayam from the Kandoth family. The new settlers renamed it as Ranipuram in memory of the ‘Virgin Mother’.

The extensive forests around Ranipuram merge with Karnataka and extend right up till the Coorg mountains. Ranipuram is often compared to Ooty because of its beauty. It is blessed with cool climate throughout the year.

Trekking is the activity favoured by tourists. The way to the hilltop is a soft trek, and the summit offers a scenic view of the green landscape. The track is laid with steps in certain places making the excursion easier. One can start out the whole trek early in the morning and get done by evening.

The famous Ranipuram National Park merges with the Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka. Rare butterflies, squirrels, porcupines, deer, and sometimes even leopards can be spotted. Elephants can also be seen on the mountains around Ranipuram during their migration from the Bhagamandala forest range in Karnataka. The place also boasts about 200 species of birds, like the Great horn bill, the paradise flycatcher, the black eagle, the crested serpent eagle, the wood pigeon and several more.

Where to stay

The tourist cottages on the hill top maintained by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) provide comfortable accommodations.

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Where to eat

There are limited options to eat in Ranipuram.


Best time to visit

The months of September to March are the best time to visit. Travelling to Ranipuram during the monsoon season is not advisable.

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