Vengurla is an alluring beach town, located on the Konkan coast in the southern-most district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Located 110 km north of Goa, Vengurla is popular for its long stretch of clear white-sandy beaches ringed by high mountains.

One of the busiest ports during the reign of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji, the port was a busy trade centre between the 16th and 18th century. The existence of huge godowns, warehouses, trading centres and markets are pointers to its rich mercantile past.

Between 1664 and 1812, the town was sacked twice. The residue of the attacks is still seen on the Vengurla rocks, and is now popularly known as Burnt Island. The Burnt Island is group of three large rocks. The rocks were once an important navigation point for seafarers. At present, the rocks act as a breeding site for a rare bird - the Indian Swiftlet.

Malvani, a dialect of Marathi, is spoken in Vengurla.

Vengurla boasts five stunning beaches. Nivati beach, Shiroda beach, Mochemad beach, Sagareshwar beach, and Vayangani beach of which Nivati and Shiroda beaches are highly recommended as they are blessed with crystal clear water. If water sports interest you, then there are facilities for water surfing and boating on the beach.

Vengurla is also famous for its temples like the Mauli Devi Temple, Sateri Devi Temple and Shri Vithoda Temple.

Though not a shopping destination, roasted cashew nuts and sweets made from cashew are worth trying and are found in shops all around the town.

Where to stay

Vengurla is a small town and the options to stay are limited. The options close to the sea include tented resorts and a few lodges. Credit cards are not accepted at most of these places.

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Where to eat

Being a beach town, seafood is easily available. Shacks on the beaches provide sumptuous seafood.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is between the months of October to April.

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