Food lover’s guide to Mumbai

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Mumbai is known for its roadside food stalls and its restaurants

It is a city that is characterized by phrases like ‘ The city of dreams’ , ‘The city that never sleeps’  and such, but for every person who visits Mumbai, the city makes an impression that stays with you for a long time.

Mumbai is an excellent city for people who love to explore places, as it has a lot to offer in terms of food, entertainment, retail, Bollywood and much more. You can never experience a dull moment here.

When I travel, my passion for food takes precedence and leads me to explore many different local eateries and experiment with different cuisines. Here’s a list of some of my favorite eateries in Mumbai. Be warned, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Cafe Leopold is over a hundred years old and has become a landmark

Café Leopold
Located in Colaba, the restaurant is over a hundred years old and is a landmark. Known for its delicious breakfasts that are available at affordable prices, the café is popular among college students. You can also indulge in some Parsi food, which is one of Mumbai’s popular cuisines. At Café Leopold, it is served in its authentic form.

Apart from its food, the café has also gained people’s attention for two reasons – It was one of the sites attacked during the November 2008 terrorist attacks and finds prominent mention in Gregory David Roberts’ novel, Shantaram. If you’re in Mumbai, I would recommend a visit to Café Leopold.  It not only gives you a chance to savor good food, but also gives you a vibe of the city.

Bade Miya is a paradise for non vegetarians

Bade Miyan
Bade Miyan is one of the most popular eateries in the city. Known for its meat rolls, kebabs and bheja fry, the place has a diverse group of patrons. Don’t be deceived by the appearance of this place. There are people, who come in their sports cars, to college students, who stop by after a late night of pub hopping and even the rickshawalla who wants to grab a quick bite in the middle of the night. The place in many ways reflects the diversity of Mumbai and showcases it the most natural way.

I cannot resist sweets and this place literally transforms me into a kid in the candy store. The patisserie has a huge assortment of pastries, cookies, chocolates and brownies. It also serves burgers and sandwiches, if you’re looking to grab a bite. The choices here are extensive, and very tempting. This can cause the decision making process a trying exercise. However, if you are having trouble picking the right dessert, then I suggest you don’t miss the chocolate overload brownie. It’s devilishly divine.

Chaat at Chowpatti

If you want to try Mumbai's street food, then head for Juhu Chowpatty

Mumbai is known for its street food and offers a wide variety of choices. You simply cannot miss having chaat at Chowpatti. You can walk along the beach, moving from one stall to the next and sampling the different varieties of the spicy snacks. My personal favourites – pav bhaji, vada pav and gol gappas or pani puris. These are made to your specification ranging from teekha (hot) to chatpata (spicy) to sadha (bland). You can end the gastronomic delight with a a kulfi (Indian ice-cream) or gola candy (Indian popsicles) that come in all the colors of the rainbow.

Indigo Delicatessen

No trip of mine is ever complete without a visit to Indigo Deli. Reason? Cupcakes!  Indigo Deli serves the most delectable cupcakes. At 100-200 bucks a pop, they are a tad pricey, but once you’re hooked, it turns into an addiction. Sigh! The sandwiches and pasta here is quite good too and their range of desserts offers nothing but the best in terms of taste and quality.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is just scratching the surface. There are tens and hundreds of other eating places in the city that warrant equal attention. Until then, if you are planning a trip to Mumbai and wondering where you should stop by for a quick bite, I hope you will find my choices useful.

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