Dzukou Valley To Kohima State Museum: 5 Best Places To Visit In Kohima

Web Desk Updated: Feb 12, 2024 10:04 AM IST

Exploring Kohima: Unveiling the Essence of Nagaland's History and Culture

Tucked amid lush green hills reverberating with warrior folklores lies Nagaland capital Kohima, where WWII battles once raged while Naga tribes lived for centuries in harmony with thriving nature.

Beauty and tragedy collide here through memorials, lively tribal museums and charming local markets promising insightful journeys into the frontier state's complex past and hopeful future.

Let's uncover Kohima's essence through top 5 must-visit places for history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike!

1. Dzukou Valley: Rustic Charm Amid Untamed Wilderness

For trekkers seeking pristine nature far beyond Kohima's noise lies emerald haven Dzukou Valley perched dramatically over 5000 ft among lush Dzukou ranges blooming with hundreds of endemic plant species during summer including famed Dzukou lilies covering entire slopes dazzlingly in white and pink!

Dzukou Valley Kohima Dzukou Valley Kohima

Though slightly arduous to reach given the high altitude terrain, lush green vistas and charming seasonal flowers makes it totally worthwhile for dedicated outdoor lovers not faint-hearted!

Try camping overnight when possible for maximum immersion into Nagaland's incredible biodiversity and hidden Naga village snapshots.

Insider tip: Avoid monsoons due to landslides though best flowers bloom late July-October instead.

2. Kisama Heritage Village: Portrait Gallery of Vibrant Naga Culture

Just 12km outside Kohima lies vibrant living museum Kisama showcasing Nagaland's captivating tribal heritage through authentic thatched roof huts decorated elaborately with skulls, horns and crafts designed by 16 officially recognized tribes.

Kisama Heritage Village Kisama Heritage Village

Try traditional Naga games like crossbow shooting for joyful cultural immersions besides admiring demonstrations from colourful warrior tribal dances to intriguing face tattoos unique only to these fascinating communities numbering over two million souls today.

Don't miss interesting artefacts displayed across halls too!

Insider tip: Visit during the annual Hornbill Festival for electrifying cultural extravaganzas.

3. Kohima War Cemetery: Evocative Tribute to the Fallen

On terraced slopes of Garrison Hill stands solemn Kohima War Cemetery where over 1400 British Commonwealth soldiers have lain for eternity since dying in the pivotal 1944 Battle of Kohima against Japanese forces.

Kohima War Cemetery Kohima War Cemetery

Walk respectfully between epitaph stone markers remembering young lives lost so far from home while the battle raged destroying much of Kohima where these men valiantly fought.

A visit here leaves indelible impressions about the grim realities of war before hopefully brighter peace prevails for humanity ultimately.

Sit awhile hearing melancholic birds over this solemn site where imperial histories collided explosively once.

Top tip: Join the annual Remembrance Day event on April to honor fallen soldiers.

4. Kohima Zoo: Upclose Rendezvous with Rare Wildlife

Tucked away in nearby Rangapahar Reserve Forest near Diezephe village lies Kohima Zoo nurturing rare exotic birds, beasts and reptiles natively found across Northeastern states for protecting endangered species through thoughtful conservation programmes.

Kohima Zoo Kohima Zoo

Stroll freely spotting Asiatic black bear in playful moods, stranded pelicans migrating far from Central Asia, venomous king cobras hissing mildly besides plenty of colourful butterflies fluttering around wild orchids grown aplenty here showcasing Nagaland's rich biodiversity worth preserving for posterity.

A delightful natural retreat!

Top sight: Mischievous Himalayan Palm Civets napping on branches.

5. Kohima State Museum: Walking Through Naga History

In the heart of Kohima lies expansive State Museum insightfully tracing Naga tribes lineage and Nagaland history through an illuminating collection of over 1200 artefacts from peculiar Naga weaponry of skulls, spears and battle gear showcasing fierce warriors past to royal necklaces documenting customs spanning centuries.

Kohima State Museum Kohima State Museum

Check out 19th-century blacksmith tools, ceremonial mithun skulls hinting unique headhunting practices and intriguing Naga textile weaving arts still thriving among communities today besides grasping better the colonial era living context for these little understood Indian frontier communities through carefully curated exhibits collection across two sprawling floors thoughtfully bringing alive Northeast's intriguing unknown narratives still evolving today against breathtaking backdrops!


Against scenic hills and mists veiled dense tropical foliage lies tribal hamlets where indigenous roots thrive proudly through millennia in harmony and continuity serenaded by folklores of yesterday now colliding occasionally with expanding new urban spaces promising modern conveniences yet soulful Naga hospitality persists warmly through smiles creased by hardships but filled eternally with childlike cheer ready to embrace explorers seeking their intriguing cultural treasury still largely unknown!